The following is guidance for referral agencies and not for sharing publicly

Who should we refer?

Those disengaged and/or disruptive children who are interested in gaming, music, computers, tech or the arts. 

How does it work?

Firstly, we would discuss the child with the school, agency or parent/carer to establish suitability.


Secondly, we would set up a taster session (gratis) at The Lab in Hellesdon, to meet us and maybe try out some of our equipment and resources. We would recommend that the young person comes for this first visit with an adult that they feel safe with. We understand that coming to a new place and meeting new people for the first time can be scary, so we would make this a short, relaxed and fun experience. At the end of the taster session we would explain how we work and explore potential areas of interest and be clear that we only work with pupils that want to be here. This is fundamental to developing a trusting relationship.


Once a placement has been established we would review any EHCP, risk assessment, or learning plan with the school and agree what areas of development we might work on. This is an ongoing discussion.


Central to our approach is how we use the technology to engage the pupil and use it as a vehicle to explore areas of development. 


We are based in beautiful grounds with fields, woods and pasture surrounding us. The peaceful setting and one to one sessions build trust and give the pupils an opportunity to reinvent themselves with each session being followed by a short report on their  progress via email. We are experienced in working with schools on reintegration and embedding what we do within the school curriculum.


Our delivery of the Trinity Arts Award scheme can run from early stages (Discover, Explore) through Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards where Gold can carry UCAS points.

Areas of Study


  • Photography

  • 3D design for 3D printing

  • 3D design for VR

  • Animation

  • Music

  • Film making

  • Podcasts and radio Shows

  • Robots and Coding

  • Circuitry


We are able to deliver one to one outreach sessions but only in exceptional cases.


Other areas of our work include

  • Mainstream class workshops

  • Holiday workshops

  • Work with Complex needs schools and disability support organisations

  • Workshops at science fairs

  • INSET training on use of creative technology to support the curriculum or pastoral work in schools.