curriculum based projects

LME can work in a number of different ways in your school or setting. Our approach uses lots of new and emerging technology alongside traditional and well used systems. Get in touch to find out how your provision can be enhanced.

1:1 or 2:1

Working on a 1:1 level with a student allows concentration without distraction. In some cases a 2:1 approach is successful allowing students to bounce ideas off each other but still attain the closeness with the tutor and achievement in their work.

Half-termly projects

Based over a 6-week period, LME focus on an agreed topic within the school and work as a team towards a final goal. These projects can tie in neatly with current themes running throughout the school and the cross-curricular approach significantly enhances subjects such as IT, maths, computing, music and Art (STEM/STEAM).


These can be half or whole day and can easily incorporate a school topic or subject. Students are engaged in a quick-fire session and given the enthusiasm, skills and inspiration to continue well after the workshop has completed.

Music/Media teacher provision

Our staff members are professional musicians and technicians who have been working with young people for many years. Schools can access a year long music/media curriculum which boasts the inclusion of many modern digital music making devices.