Mission to Mars

We will travel to Mars and back in a day. We will report on the launch from the Kennedy Space Centre, interview young astronauts as they float weightlessly in the space station and deal with an emergency collision in space. After a refreshing after lunch space walk we will fly the space shuttle successfully back to earth where we will make a film of the whole mission. An out of this world experience!

Stop Frame Animation

Make your own film where anything can happen. Build a mini set and write the story line andthen shoot the action. Edit the film then create your own soundtrack and sound effects. Develop little ideas on the big screen.

Robots, Coding & Circuitry

Create a robot or two or three! Programme bots to obey your commands! Code a robots' path through an assault course. Flying robots, rolling robots and mini robots. A natural first step for those planning world domination!

Music with iPads

Create music using any instrument you can or have yet to imagine. Write record and edit songs. Learn to play an instrument, create a band or an iPad orchestra or create a soundtrack for a film.

Make your own Games Controller

Create your own custom games controller using an Arduino based board, some foil and some cardboard. The sky is the limit! use your brain and unleash your creativity to make a controller that suits you and impresses others.
Whether it's a Joystick, NES/SNES, Megadrive, Playstation or Xbox controller, you decide. Make it how you like, just make it work. Make it control some online games.This will require some effort and some brain power.

Green Screen Filming

A filming workshop all completed in front of a green screen. You do the acting and then “key out” the green colour and put in your prefered image or movie. You may be stood on the moon or driving the latest F1 racing car.

Music Studio Recording

Learn how to record a band from the very beginning. This session takes you through the creative process of documenting a sound. From chatting to the musicians, preparing the room, choosing the microphone to getting good audio levels, crafting a mix and creating a finished product. (based at Future Studios, Norwich)

Film Making

Put together your own short film from story board idea to finished piece. The session covers ideas, different shots, editing, sound and lighting. With a bit of dedication you will have your first “short’ in the can by the end of the day.

Radio Production

Have you got the face for radio? Great! Hopefully you’ll have the voice too. We will guide you through what it takes to put together a radio show. You will do some presenting, producing, editing, interviewing and if it’s a brilliant show, we will pass it on to our broadcasting friends at Future Radio 107.8fm to be played on the youth show.

Soundtrack and Soundscape

Use your ears to distinguish what is around you, record it and get it into a mix. Your ears are a precious tool and will guide you into making an excellent soundscape.
This session also looks at changing the music, sfx and voices to existing films, adverts or trailers. Change a dark film in to a comedy, add a sinister ambience to a Disney clip.